Thursday, 12 September 2013

Proper masking protocol when painting

(NC) Before beginning your painting project, it's important to take the time to mask your surfaces in order to achieve beautiful results. By following a few simple steps, your surface will be ready for a fresh paint job that is sure to dazzle.
With all painting jobs, cleanliness is a first priority. Clean the surface of all dirt and oil with a damp cloth, and allow the area to dry. Grimy walls can cause paint to run, and dust and debris can keep painter's tape from adhering properly.
Next, take a piece of painting tape and place it on the wall to check its adhesion level – it should stay put, but also remove easily and cleanly. Avid DIYers tell us that the best painter's tape for professional results – without the premium price – is Painter's Mate Green. Not only does it easily bend and adhere to hard-to-mask areas, but it can also be applied to properly-prepared painted surfaces, including glass, trim, woodwork and metal.
When applying your tape, make sure you have enough to cover the entire area, including baseboards, window and door trim, and where the ceiling meets the wall. Over-stretching the tape can potentially ruin your paint job, so be sure to apply with care. After the tape is applied, it is important to press it firmly to the surface with either your fingers or a burnishing tool to create a tight bond which helps prevent paint bleed.
While the paint is still wet, carefully remove the tape from your walls to prevent any peeling.
Proper masking can frame your projects for eye-catching results every time. More information is available online at

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